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Mrs. "The liver is your friend" Van

2 der Test Questions: (Thema Lunge)

What would you do (as an informed and highly educated Biology 12 student) if you came across an individual with a stick in their chest? 

A: walk away...maybe he wants it there...who are we to judge another's "extreme body piercings"

B: walk away..maybe he was playing "fetch" with one angry dof...who may still be around...

C: dial 911...then pull it out (so they will fit into the ambulance)

D: dial 911...but do NOT pull it out (no matter how much they ask) explaining all about the lungs...blah...blah...blah


Why can you not pull the stick out of the individual above?

A: it's a big stick

B: no, seriously...it's REALLY big...

C: You just got your nails done...do you know how much a new set of French Gel Nails costs?!?!?!

D: You don't want to get blood on you...arteries can squirt up to 6 feet!!!

E: You realise this may open up the pleural space to the outside therefore collapsing the lung!!!



"Passengers travelling to Downtown Vancouver please change here"

21.5.09 07:16


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